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Welcome to Social Pie, LLC. - Social Media + Creative Design Co. based in Orlando, Florida!

  • Addicting Social Media Integration
  • Mind-blowing Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • In-Depty Analytics & Project Stats
  • CORE: One-Stop Business Solutions
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  • Creative Social Media marketing campaigns, in depth knowledge of analytics, and not a stuffy company. They have fun!

    Joe, Pig on the Pond
  • Social Pie is Orlando's hidden gem. They may be new, but they know their stuff! Great customer service, great products - we want to work with them more!

    Mark, Solastic Internal Medicine
  • Social Pie is a creative, innovative company that delivers unique web designs and are on the forefront of Social Media and analytical interpretation.

    Scott, Just Events

meet the team

The 'Chefs' of Social Pie

Niko Nickolaou

Niko Nickolaou

Chief Executive Officer

With a simple thought, and midnight snack Niko founded Social Pie. Niko has taken the ‘social media revolution’ to heart and his experience has given him a competitive advantage when it comes to organically growing a business through Social Media. Niko has a wife named Devon, a son named Maddox James, and a girl, Kennedy Paige. He enjoys football, cooking, and spending time with his kids.
Meet Niko (:30 Video)

Andrew Nickolaou

Andrew Nickolaou

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew has a legal background and handles much of the compliance and legal matters of our business. Andrew's key Social Media detective work is what lead him to become a founder of Social Pie. Andrew is married to his wonderful and understanding wife Ophelia and spreads his free time amongst his TV show addictions, being obsessed with football (both college and NFL) and living life to its fullest.
Meet Andrew (:30 Video)

Nick Linguanti

Nick Linguanti

Creative Director

Nick has grown up with hospitality and Customer Service experiences - from Abercrombie & Fitch brands to Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Creative. As Social Pie's Creative Director, Nick handles all Client Relations, as well as builds/manages all Web-based Projects. When not developing at Social Pie, Nick loves 'mixology' and trying new drinks at local restaurants, speak-easy's and playing with his two dogs.
Meet Nick (:30 Video)

April Erb

April Erb

Account Executive

April joined Social Pie at the beginning of 2015 and brings over 14 years of extensive social media knowledge. Building a brand, and YouTube/Instagram fan base of over 41,000, April has self-taught herself video/content management. Other than being a Social Pie monsoon, April loves animals, including her Border Collie, Brisbane.
Meet April (:30 Video)

Adam LaPrade

Adam LaPrade

Media Mastermind

Adam handles all video, audio, and photo projects for Social Pie. Currently, he splits his time between Orlando and Los Angeles consulting on world renowned projects like The Oscars and The Emmys. With over 15+ years of experience, Adam can capture cinematic masterpieces for our Clients everyday!

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Below is our 'menu' of Social Pie Services:

  • It all started with Social Media. Social Media is where your company lives online, and it should captivate your audience (without them noticing) - and we got you covered from all angles. Social Pie bridges the gap between Social Media and your brand. We use proven methods to add more fans, likes, and exceed your goals - while creating fun and unique experiences online for your current and future clients. We also report back to you using the Social Pie Recipe Report™ with in-depth Social Media stats, figures, analytics, and more.

  • Beautiful by Social Pie We don't see things black & white - unless you're into that. Our Design Services range from branding to incorporating your style across as many items as you can think of. In the past, we've taken artwork and created the vibe of promotions, web/print work, video and audio too. We've partnered with some of the best fabricators around to create stunning print materials and we're always working to find new outlets!

  • Your website is your brand. Online. Why not make it brilliant, fancy, and unique? With over sixteen years of web development skills, we've got it handled to create breathtaking — and pretty freakin' cool — online experiences for your customers/clients. Paired with our hospitality experience we provide great unparalleled results to deliver you a project that can be accomplished quickly and effectively.

  • Reports - without the fine print. Analytics can be boring, and who wants to read pages of stats and facts? Our proprietary and patented Reporting System breaks down a variety of data in a very simple, almost fun, way to see all stats in one sitting. Our Social Pie Recipe Report™ you can get a detailed breakdown on all Social Media work (visitors, peak posting target times, demographics, stats, and more!). The Social Pie Bakery™ is our detailed, encrypted Client Management/Billing Portal - view where we are at on your project, who's working, and more - all outlined in a fancy shell. Cool, huh?

  • New! Social Pie CORE Our brand-new program that helps start-up (and established) businesses maximize their results. We know starting up, and running a business can be tricky. Why not partner with a company that will always have your best interests in mind? Our proven techniques can steer you toward your goals, and ensure you make the most out of your business. Think of us as your company's new best friend.

  • Make that money! And we can help - Social Pie's Payment Integrations can get you paid faster, and without the hastle. We partner with a variety of systems, and services to make sure you can get paid, how YOU want to get paid. From online merchants, to point of sale (POS) systems, we are well-versed, and ready to make that green with you.

  • We're always here for you. Day or night, count on Social Pie for anything you need. With over 25 years of Hospitality experience, our Team knows your time is valuable, and we get back to you so quick it's almost scary. Our Clients have priority access to our tiered Support System located inside the Social Pie Bakery™, all you've gotta do is create the Support Ticket, and we take care of the rest.


  • All
  • Social Media
  • Grapic Design
  • Web + App
  • Other
  • Qualityrangers

    Quality Rangers Lawns

    Web, Other
  • Mamalouise

    Mama Louise Restaurant

    Graphic, Web, Other
  • Modus

    Modus Design Studio

    Graphic, Web
  • Radley

    Radley Haunted House

  • Vgo

    V-Go Juniors

    Graphic, Web
  • Fusion

    Fusion Performance Group

    Graphic, Web
  • Solastic

    Solstice Physician Services

    Graphic, Web
  • Prettybyannie

    Pretty by Annie

    Graphic, Web

We are Orlando.

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